Sunday, April 10, 2011

Growing and Changing!

 Our little miss Julianna is growing so fast. She is 4 1/2 months old now, weighs in at about 13 lbs 4 oz and is still the most precious thing ever! Of course, I think she will hold that title forever! She is one happy girl too. She laughs and "talks" all the time. It is very difficult to not be a morning person when you wake up to sweet smiles and coos. The really wet diaper in the morning doesn't even get me down! We're lucky because she sleeps through the night, so we sleep too. Occasionally, she wakes up for a middle of the night feeding, but mostly she sleeps from 10:00 to 5:00. I still wake up to check on her often, but I am sleeping pretty well these days. I can't complain.

Julianna is doing some cool new things. She has learned how to take her pacifier out of her mouth, play with it a bit, and sometimes she can manage to get it back into her mouth when she is ready. It is fun to watch her try. Everything goes into her mouth. I am going to have to do some serious childproofing of our home here soon. She loves to lay on her floor mat and grab (and try to eat) the toys hanging from it.  She can stay entertained with that for quite a while. Her favorite is this little blue bird that vibrates when you pull down on it. It took her while to figure out how to do that, and to have the strength, but now that she can I worry she's gonna pull the little guys legs off!

She has also found her toes! For a long time she was entranced by her hands and would constantly stare at them. Now she gets what those are for, she has moved on to her toes. You should see her try to eat her toes. It is quite amusing!

And the drool!! My goodness the princess can drool. I think she may start teething soon by the amount  of drool and the fact that she chews on everything and tries to put her whole hand in her mouth. She is constantly sucking on her fingers, and my arm too when I am holding her! share the absolute neatest thing that my baby girl can do these days: she recognizes her name! She actually turns to look at you when you speak her name, and gives the biggest smile. I love it. I love when I see her reaching these milestones, and growing and changing.  It kinda breaks my heart in a way because I know that time is going to continue to fly by and I am going to miss these sweet baby days.  So I just enjoy every moment I get with her and, try to take lots of pictures, and write this blog. All of these things I hope will help preserve the memories of this time, so that one day she can see what a precious baby angel she was. I even wrote her a lullaby that I sing to her each night (God bless her little ears!), but it is something special that we share that I hope will be a tradition I can continue with her as she grows. That is until the day she realizes her mommy can't carry a tune in a bucket and asks me to stop. But we won't think about that now...

I will share this lullaby here, however vulnerable, so that you all can know the joy she brings to my heart.

You're my special angel,
You're my baby girl
I love you so very much 
You're my whole world

You can do anything you want to do
You can be anything you want to be
Yes you can, Yes you can
'Cause I believe in you

You're my special gift from God
He sent you from up above
You're my special gift from God
He sent you to me with love

Don't let anybody ever tell you no
Don't let them get you down
If they try,
You just spread your smile around

Now it's time to say good night
It's time to close your eyes
Now it's time to say goodnight
We'll wake up with the sunrise

You're my special angel
You're my baby girl
I love you so very much
You're my whole world.

She is usually asleep by the time I finish the song, as we have been rocking through the lullaby. Then I place her in her bassinet, and crawl in bed and cuddle with my hubby (when he is home). I must say I am truly blessed.  Tired, in a good way, and I usually fall asleep the moment I say my prayers and close my eyes. Before that happens though, I make sure I thank God for my beautiful family, and for all of you as well.

Thank you for reading. God bless each of you in whatever it is that you need. Stay tuned for the next update from the Gallamore family!!

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